Sunday, April 28, 2013

Instant Gratification Sunday ~~ coloring !!!!!

Coloring had ALWAYS been a favorite past time of mine !!!  From my Barbie doll days (which actually lasted a little longer than they should have ..... I was a bit slow on the adolescent development scene) ....... through my college years ( coloring saved my sanity on more than one all nighter studying for finals marathon ........ UGH!  ) ........ through my kids' child hoods (where I would beg my kids to please color another picture with mommy)....... and now , as a sanity saver through my endless hours of laptop work for the day job.   Coloring has ALWAYS been one of my best therapies !!!!!I recommend it highly !!!!!   Lately I prefer colored pencils to crayons ...... especially brand new ones right out of the box with the nice sharp points !!!  (not like the ones in these pictures which have quite a few miles on them).

So, as you can see,  this weekend I did some impromptu, mind wandering "sanity saving" drawing/scribble designing and coloring while I was supposed to be typing up evaluations, progress notes , and discharge summaries on my work laptop ....... I have to say it sure did give me some Instant Gratification !!!!  (maybe one of these days, these scribbles will turn into quilts !  ..........maybe)

Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Martha said...

Have you tried coloring on fabric? It's delightful.

Unknown said...

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