Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sweetwater "Noteworthy" = I am unworthy ! .... (but I'll TAKE IT !!! )

So, in my world of being unable to keep up with the rest of the human race (and it's getting worse all the time !) , I had the happy accident of completely forgetting that I left a comment on this Sweetwater blog post
  back in September to try and win a box of their "Noteworthy" fabric scraps. So, 2 months went by as I got distracted by life/work and didn't remember that they would be announcing a winner on Sept 30th. On Nov 28th I happened to be NOT doing what I was supposed to be doing on my work laptop, and goofing off doing some long overdue blog reading when I happened to see my name mentioned on Sweetwater's Sept 30th blog post that I was THE WINNER of the "Noteworthy" scraps !!!!! WHAT ?!?!?!? NO WAY !!! So, I immediately emailed those sweet gals at Sweetwater and apologized for my 2 month long overdue response to their give away and said I understood if they no longer had the scraps. They responded right away and said no problem AND .......

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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