Monday, February 20, 2012

$10.6 MILLION raised at "THON" by Penn State students !!!!!!

WOW !!!!!!! Those Penn State students danced and worked their butts off this past weekend at "THON" (their annual Dance - a - thon) and achieved and surpassed their goal --- raising more money than at last year's "THON" to benefit pediatric cancer research !!! AMAZING !!!! They did a GREAT job !!!!

The MBIAJ Sewing and Quilting (and dancing) Dept not so much .... We got about 8 more of these blocks sewn up during our "Dance - a - Sew - a - THON" ..... not as many as we hoped, but ,hey, we were dancing the Wah-Watusi in between sewing !!

Anyway, at least our mini MBIAJ "THON" added 8 more blocks to our Project Linus Quilt - in - progress that weren't there before ! I think we'll try to make this an annual tradition during Penn State "THON" weekend .... the "MBIAJ Dance - a - Sew - a - THON" !!!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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