Friday, July 8, 2011

So the month of June wasn't all bad .....

TGIF Blogland Neighborhood ! Well, even though we had a rough first 3 weeks in June with Moonbeams Boy Matt's unexpected ER-> hospital stay x 2 weeks -> recuperation x 1 week at home (well, at my brother's house) , there were also some very bright moments! First we had niece Stephanie's college graduation with a BS RN ! Here she is with her dad (my brother John), her mom (my sis in law Lori) and her sister Katie (our bride to be in this picture). (P.S. Steph ... that graduation quilt I started for your high school graduation is almost finished ... so now it's a high school AND college graduation quilt ! :)

....and speaking of graduations, there was Moonbeams Boy Evan's high school graduation (which , as mentioned in the previous post, Matt and I didn't get to attend since Matt was in the hospital in Florida at the time ...(sob). (P.S honey, I.O.U a graduation quilt !!!!)

...then there was Moonbeams Boy Matt's 21st birthday 4 days after he was discharged from the hospital. (SO happy he was out of the hospital in time for this momentous birthday ! ..... still can't figure out how on earth he can be 21 when I haven't aged a day over 29 !)

.....and just a week after Matt's big birthday was the wedding of this special couple in Florida!!!! Meet the new Mr and Mrs !!! (my niece Katie and her husband Kris) ....By the way Katie, I'm ALMOST finished sewing that "I Love Lucy " apron for your bridal shower ... now that you're home from your honeymoon.....

....anyway, the day after the wedding, we had another big family dinner for a belated 50th birthday celebration for my sister Boop (aka Karen) ..... don't you LOVE her "50" glasses, "Fabulous Fifty" sash, and fluffy tiara and wine glass !?!? Here she is surrounded by sis in law Lori (in black and white dress), yours truly (in the purple top), and oldest childhood pal Patty Ann (who flew in as a surprise for Boop, from England where she and her husband are stationed in the military).
(P.S. Boop, you know that 50th birthday quilt I told you I was starting last year on your 49th birthday so it would be done by the time you turned 50? .... I plan to start that any day now ......)

....also on the day after the wedding big family dinner was a 55th anniversary celebration for Moonbeams Mom and Dad (aka Nancy and George/ Gimma and Pap). Don't they look happy in their Mickey and Minnie Bride and Groom ears? (well, maybe George isn't too thrilled .... but that Nancy is enjoying those Minnie Mouse ears !

Well, anyhow,I also had some time to work on some stitchery while staying with Matt in the hospital (actually, besides texting back and forth to my sister, sis in law, parents, and best pal Beth for moral support, working on this stitchery kept me calm and sane !) .... and I actually , finally, finished this !!!! (now I have to figure out what to do with it !..... should it be made into a pillow ? or put into a quilt? or how about a tote bag? ....well, I'll just fold it back up and stick it back in the bag til you decide .....)

.... and LOOK !!! Low and Behold a quilt shop!!! Conveniently located not too far from an outpatient lab where Matt had to go for bloodwork after his first MD follow up appt after getting out of the hospital. He was so happy to finally be out of the hospital he didn't mind me running in and spending a half hour in this quilt shop (Rainbow's End )while he took a walk on the beach which happened to be across the street . It's a good thing I only had a half hour (I could have really done some damage to my credit card if I had more time!) .... this was a GREAT quilt shop !!!! HUGE HUGE selection of bolt after bolt after bolt of gorgeous fabric !!!!! Looky what I bought in only a half hour (and that includes deciding, deciding and deciding what to buy from all the gazillions of choices, choices, choices !!!) this book!

.....and this one!

....and all of these yummy, mouthwatering bright and happy fat quarters !!!!

.....ooooooooh!!!! let's look at them from this angle ! (I have absolutely no idea what I'll do with these, but that's Ok because right now I'm just enjoying being in their presence!)

....and here's more info on this TERRIFIC quilt shop!

PHEW ! that was quite the long winded post !!! But now I feel all caught up ... well, sort of .... there's that matter of 1 unfinished quilt, 2 not yet started quilts , and 1 half finished apron as mentioned above .... and I'm sure there's more (at least 3 or more unfinished quilts come to mind....yikes !!!) Pardon me while I clone myself and get busy !!!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Mary said...

I just love Rainbows end. We used to vacation in the area regularly and the family would take me there for a pilgrimage. They know that if mamma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. I've done some serious damage ther......

Wendy said...

Isn't it wonderful to have such happy little interludes during all the stressful times we must endure! Rainbows End was a fitting way to tie things up. Look forward to hearing a review of your new books and possibly a project or two...after you finish all the others lined up waiting for your attention of course.