Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fight on Sister !!!!!

Good morning Blogland Neighborhood! YIKES !! Has it really been a week and a half since our last chit chat session?!?!?!!!! SO SORRY !!! That darn day job (and the piles of never ending paperwork that need to be done YESTERDAY ) keep getting in the way of anything and everything that's fun .... oh well, can't do anything about that unless , of course, we all of a sudden win the lottery !!!! ANYHOW, in the teensy tinsy little bit of spare time there is around here, the MBIAJ Design Dept and MBIAJ Sewing/Quilting Depts have (at the last minute as usual) decided to join in on ....

....the "Breast Cancer Awareness Month Quilt Block Challenge" being held by The Quilted Crow quilt shop in Lehighton, Pa.
So, over the weekend we scribbled out a quick design for the block using the white with pink polka dot challenge fabric and then .....

......slapped it together into the wee hours of last night/this morning....
AND.... NOW I'm scrambling to finish it (before going to work today) because ..... the DEADLINE is TODAY ...... YIKES !!!!

ANYHOW, in the meantime, I apologize to those sweet gals who were in my quilt class a couple of weeks ago because I STILL have not gotten the rest of the instructions posted on here for the alternate construction method (please don't hate me! ... I hope to have them on here REAL SOON!) ALSO, if you haven't signed up yet for our Give Away you still have time (drawing isn't until Friday evening Oct. 15th ).

OK, so while I'm scrambling (and calling the quilt shop for please,please, please an extension on that deadline ).... run along and sign up for our give away AND also, here's something fun to watch ....(you can click the "pause" button on my music playlist over there on the upper right sidebar to shut off Frank Sinatra for a minute)

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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debbie said...

love the video! lolol