Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween !!!!

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Happy Halloween Blogland Neighborhood! We're having major computer problems here at MBIAJ Headquarters (and have not been able to get to important things like blogging .... and finishing up the alternate directions to the "Practical Magic" wallhanging as previously promised .....SO SORRY !!! Right now, this blog post is being done on a borrowed laptop and we can't upload any of the pictures needed to go with the instructions ....AAARRRRRGH !!!!!!) SO....since our computer seems to be under an evil spell, we sent for this expert (the one in the picture with the pointy hat riding the broom) to conjure up a counter spell to FIX THE DARN THING !!!!

Time for Trick or Treating !!!

Be back soon! (hopefully!)
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Pat said...

Hope you are back in business soon....very frustrating, I'm sure!