Monday, August 23, 2010

Penn State move in day ...

Good Monday morning Blogland Neighborhood! Well, our first birdie has left the nest (sob ). This past Saturday was move in day at Penn State U and we survived it ! Things went very smoothly (thank goodness) in spite of the chaos of THOUSANDS of students trying to move in all on the same day !!!! We even finished the lugging and carrying of stuff up to Matt's 5th floor apt early enough to spend part of the afternoon walking the campus with my nephew Dan, who is a freshman there this year.

What a beautiful campus ! Lots of big old trees and then this building "Old Main" (also big and old !)

....and here are my boys standing on the steps of "Old Main" .....Evan, Matt, and their cousin Dan . (Evan says he may join Matt and Dan here at PSU next year after he finishes high school this year ..... how can my baby be a senior in high school this year ?!?!?!? More sobbing !!!)

So, two big things accomplished ..... Matt is all moved in at college AND......

....the MBIAJ Sewing /Quilting Dept finished ..... yes FINISHED Matt's graduation quilt in the nick of time (into the wee hours of the morning as per usual) for him to take it with him on move in day !!!! (SEE !!! There it is ... folded up at the foot of his bed ..... bottom bunk with red comforter .... TA DAAAAAAA!!!!!)

Have a good Monday everybody!
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Pat said...

Congrats on a successful college move-in day for your son!!! I'm glad you got the quilt finished for him, too.

PamKittyMorning said...

Yeah! Good job, those are some healthy looking college (and senior) young men!!

happy zombie said...

Happy moving into college day.
Sob, tear, sadness empty nest day.
Hurray new fabric storage space day!

Wendy said...

what is it about a deadline that motivates us? What a nice feeling to finish it though, eh?
I remember dropping my son off at University too, and now he is finished that stage of his life and married with 3 lovely daughters. Where oh where does the time go?