Thursday, August 19, 2010

OK ..... BACK TO WORK !!!!!

Good morning Blogland Neighborhood ! Well, Kitty has partied herself out , gotten over her hangover and now is back to her old bossy self. But, she's right .... we need to get back to work here at MBIAJ Headquarters because ....

..... Moonbeams Boy Matt is heading out to college in 2 days !!!! (SOB!)

....look! he already has his thinking cap on ! (FYI those are clean underwear on his head .....)

Matt has commuted to a local branch campus of Penn State for the past 2 years while living at home... So, now he will be moving out to the main campus and living in an apartment with 5 other guys ...... can't even imagine the filth that will accumulate in that apartment! Anyway, since Matt is going to be living in an apartment (instead of a dorm) he'll need .....

..... EVERYTHING !!!! (note the bathroom cleaning products I bought with the optomistic thought that those boys will actually USE THEM TO CLEAN THE BATHROOM !!!! .... Matt informs me though that I am sadly mistaken .... they don't plan to clean ANYTHING .... EVER !!!) I'm sure that the aroma surrounding their apartment will be "enjoyed" for at least a 10 mile radius from the epicenter ..... we'll call it "o de boys' apartment stench" may even cause nostrils to flare at a 20 mile radius !!!!

......OK ... gotta go ... Kitty is tapping her foot because not only do we have to finish the shopping and packing up of the college boy, we have to get the binding on ....

...this graduation quilt that was started by the MBIAJ Sewing/Quilting Dept 2 years ago when Matt graduated from high school !

Speaking of long over due projects (aren't we always!!) .... here's a quick peak at a another one ....

.....FINALLY finished this smock apron (which is only a year and a month late) ... we were aiming for this to be finished LAST summer for my mother's birthday .... SHEESH !!!

OK ... now we REALLY have to get going !!!! (the sewing/quilting dept is DETERMINED to get that quilt finished for Matt to take with him to school on Saturday!)

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

I thought maybe you made that apron for the boys to wear while cleaning that nasty bathroom. lolol
Love the quilt. Very patriotic looking. Where do I get one of those fancy thinking caps?? I could use that on several occasions lately. lol
Good luck to Matt in college. Get your tissue ready. Your going to need them. So sad when they leave. But no worries, they will be back!!!

Ida from Central PA said...

Please don't be one of THOSE parents. THOSE parents invade our neighborhood and think that because their kid (and their wallets) attend Penn State, they own the area.They drive like they own the roads .. they're rude in the local restaurants ...and they descend like locusts on our local stores cleaning them out of evyerhing. UGH UGH UGH!! Please don't be one of 'them!'

Do take the time to enjoy the area when you visit your son. :)

Check out Stitch Your Art Out and Third Bay Quilt Shop .. our two local quilt shops. [Near Stitch Your Art Out, drive up Pine Grove Mountain to take in the view of State College from Jo Hayes Vista.

On campus, do take the time to visit the Berkey Creamery Building. My favorite is Keeney Beaney Chocolate ice cream -- chocolate w/ chocolate chips and vanilla beans. The Palmer Art Museum on campus is nice. Try to catch some plays at the Eisenhower Auditorium.

But, honestly, the best life is off campus. :) Try out the food at the Whistle Stop in Centre Hall, PA [awesome chicken and waffles]. Also in Centre Hall, the view from the Mount Nittany Inn is incredible -- (not to be confused with the Nittany Lion Inn on campus).

In State College, out by the Nittany Mall... be sure to stop at Luna 2 (woodfired grill). For Mexican, it has to be Rey Azteca (also by the Mall).

First Sunday of the month, stop by the Port Matilda Fire Company for an all you can eat meal (11:30a-1:00p) for $8.00

Hike some of the MidState Trails. And, when you're done hiking, be sure to stop in Reedsville at the Bellvue Inn for their Fish and Chips and their salad with house dressing -- it's delish!

Anyway ... congrats, and enjoy your new freedom w/out the son at home.