Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dressed in Holiday Style

Hello out there Blogland neighbors! Well, a short, very short 2 weeks from today is Christmas Day ..... uh oh ..... and, as is par for the course, we're just zipping along here at MBIAJ Headquarters at a SNAIL's PACE !!! So, since I can't show you any significant progress here at Headquarters, I thought I'd share pictures of some of the shops in town all dressed in holiday style. So, fix a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate (or maybe you'd prefer a martini?), kick off your shoes, tell those kids to knock it off and get to bed, and enjoy a brief little tour of Jim Thorpe, Pa all dressed up for Christmas (I won't even talk during your little tour so you can actually have a little peace and quiet .... )

(oops, some of these pictures are hard to see ... so , you can click on them to make them bigger so you can actually see them!)

I took these pictures this past Sunday when it was FREEZING outside .... my fingers were NUMB !! (that's my excuse for lousy photography ... this time .... and I'm sticking to that story!) Anyhow, I was freezing, so I ducked into Mr. Moonbeam's business establishment, The Inn at Jim Thorpe to stand by the fireplace and get warm .... so I took a picture of the Christmas tree in the hotel lobby .....

.....isn't that pretty !!! This is the tree Evan and Mr. Moonbeams picked out and cut down .... and the ladies that work at the Hotel decorated it (which is why it's so pretty and actually DONE ... because yours truly has nothin' to do with it!!)

Well, I hope you enjoyed our brief little holiday tour ....and, as much as I'd like to sit and visit with all of you a little longer, if I don't remove my carcass from in front of this computer and actually get myself in gear, I'll have to keep passing off the hotel Christmas tree as ours!!

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Red Geranium Cottage said...

Thanks for the tour of the town. What a quaint looking place. Love the Christmas tree too.

Anonymous said...

Oh what gorgeous photos. I wish our town square was that lovely and quaint.

Becca said...

I have enjoyed listening to your playlist while looking at the photos. I left the sound on even after I was finished. Thanks for sharing your town.

Dawn said...

Ohhhh, the pics of the quaint downtown store windows-- are so, so beautiful! And your music makes the trip almost seem real.

Enjoy your holidays, Mary Anne & Merry, merry Christmas to your family!

Pat said...

Oh...what a PRETTY town (reminds me of the downtown area of Berlin, MD, which is a not-too-far ride from here...Julia Roberts' Runaway Bride was filmed there). Thanks for sharing those photos. I just love towns like that...quaint early-Americana. there a cute quilt shop IN that downtown area? If there is, I may have to schedule a little weekend trip up there in the not-too-distant future!!!

Busy Little Quilter said...

It's so beautiful there! I love how the little shops dressed up.

The hotel tree is lovely.