Saturday, November 15, 2008

So....THIS is what 50 looks like !!!

Yes, Blogland Neighbors .... it's true, as of yesterday 11/14/08 .....and, Bethy, this is just for you ..."Nifty, nifty, now we're both FIFTY "...... GASP !!! (so far, I can only write it .... because it doesn't quite roll easily off my tongue just yet .... but give me just a little more time to adjust to the fact that I've now got a HALF CENTURY under my belt! ....another GASP!) Anyhow, I love this picture of Bethy and me (Bethy is the one with the tags hanging off her hat like Minnie Pearl, and I'm the one with a wad of gum in my mouth) .... my sister took it 2 weeks ago on our New York City Girls Only Birthday Bash Weekend at Saks Fifth Ave .... she took the picture only seconds before we heard the brisk click click click of the snooty saleslady's shoes coming towards us to give us a dirty look for fooling around with the hats .... which, by the way, cost more than my CAR !!!)

Now I must show you the fun presents from my sweet boys and hubby...

....a NEW CAMERA !!! (because the one they got me last year for my birthday I dropped off of the top of a 10 foot ladder .... ACCIDENTALY ....a few months ago ... I promise to try and take MUCH better care of this one!!!)

......ooooohhhhhh.......and GODIVA CHOCOLATE ..... LOTS OF IT !!!! (very helpful in stabilizing MOOD SWINGS !!) .....and , more OOOOOOOHHHHHHH..... a Kenny Chesney CD !!!! (I do love a cowboy in them there britches !!!! Yee Haw !!!)

So ...... thank you, everybody for your birthday wishes and nice comments about 50 not being so bad !!! BIG HUGS to you out there in Blogland!!

OK .... now I think it's time for me to change the subject !! I don't think I've posted any quilty/sewy things on here for WAY TOO LONG ..... so, I want to give you a little peek of a couple of projects I was able to work on a teensy bit this past week (and of course, they're STILL not finished!!)

....a new tote bag that I'm kind of making up as I go along (because I don't already have enough half started and unfinished stuff hanging around !!!)

......and, somebody's quilt ( even though she knows about it, I'm trying to just show a smidgen of it to keep it all a mystery ..... but now that she's 50 and her memory is going .....and considering the "speed" at which I get things finished, it'll really be a mystery to her when I finally finish it and give it to her .... cause she won't remember a darn thing about it !!!! ...our running joke is that it'll make a nice lap robe when we're both sitting in our wheelchairs in a nursing home ..... and my sister, who is a couple of years younger than us has the job of making sure our socks match and our tiara's are on straight .....after all, we can't be lookin' sloppy while we're sitting there!)

Well, nieghbors, time for me to sign off for today .... not that I wouldn't want to sit and visit with you all a bit longer, but this dang computer is REALLY coughing and wheezing ..... I was sweating it out trying to get this all posted today .....and actually, the FedEx guy came a few minutes ago and delivered the new computer tower? (is that what you call it?) .... so, hopefully, the computer fix it guy will be able to get the new thing hooked up and NOT mess with my Blog .... cause he wouldn't want to meet up with the wrong end of a mood swing .... oh, but wait, I have the antidote ....all that Godiva Chocolate!!

So, I'm gonna grab a cup of tea and a handfull of chocolate and my Kenny CD and head off to my sewing room to spend some quality time with my girls Betty and Elsie (my Featherweight and my Elna sewing machines) .... ahhhh.... sewing time .... a birthday present to myself!!!

Be back soon!!! (hopefully .... barring any major computer problems!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


quiltmom anna said...

Happy Birthday Mar-
Turning 50 is fun and you are in your prime- having fun and enjoying the many gifts that life brings you-
Keep celebrating life..
I hope that you get the problems with your computer worked out.
Enjoy your time with your quilting machines:)

Mona said...

Mare, It's so good to hear you had a Happy Birthday!! And I'm so glad to see that 50 looks wonderful! I'm right behind ya girlfriend!! I'll be experiencing that monumental birthday in February, although, it doesn't seem possible. Enjoy the remainder of your big birthday week!!

Busy Little Quilter said...

Happy Birthday!

I love the hats.


jerseygirl said...

I just love that picture of us with the sum total of $1500 worth of hat on our head. If I ever could buy such a hat, I would surely leave the price tag right where it is for all the world to see, that I was wearing something on my head that cost more than my first car! Whoever is getting that beach quilt is one lucky gal. IT looks so beautiful, that person should have a screened in porch to display such a wonderful creation to all those who pass by. :)

Dandelion Quilts said...

That is a great picture. :) I hope I have as much fun on my 50th birthday as you did on yours.

Queenly Things said...

Nifty nifty you don't look fifty. Happy Birthday season, dear lady!! May it be the best one yet!!. (Heaven, heaven I'm fifty-seven! Now that sounds ugly)

OldBagNewTricks said...

Happy Happy Fun Birthday!!! 50 IS a silly incomprehensible number, isn't it? I promise, once the horror wears off you will start telling people you are 13 or 22 or 17 because somewhere in your head you will believe it. And by the way, You Look Mah-ve-lous!!


Dawn said...

Happy, HAPPY Birthday you beautiful lady! 50 is the new 20, you know!

Looks like you celebrated in true Moonbeam the gifts & the your peek at your projects is wonderful! I can. not. wait. to see your tote.

Allison said...

Happy late Birthday! I have 6 more years! yikes

I enjoy reading your blog and love the music.