Thursday, November 13, 2008

A birthday dinner from Evan !!

Good evening Blogland Neighborhood!! Tonight my 6 ft tall, sweet 16 year old baby boy cooked dinner for me for my birthday!! (which still isn't until tomorrow, so I'm not "that age" YET!!) ... Evan is working tomorrow night (it's his first night at his new job .... making sandwich masterpieces at the local Subway), so he made me a special dinner tonight.

Here's the chef consulting his recipe from Olive Garden. Not only do they give you the recipe, they also have videos for you to follow along step by step.

.....from garlic chopping ... all the way to .....

....loading up the plates with....

....Tuscan Garlic Chicken !!!!! DELICIOUS !!!!

Look out Emeril..... Evan just may be the next big thing that hits the TV chef biz.... and I think he just may have an interesting angle .... remember The Galloping Gourmet (I know, now I'm really dating myself ! .... my mother used to watch this guy, OK!!) ANYHOW, Evan could be ....

.....the "Dirtbike Dude Chef" (making a VERY NOISY and dusty entrance !!) (just a quick safety note here ..... Evan is NEVER allowed to ride without his long sleeve riding jersey, riding pants, chest protector and neck brace ..... so when I saw this picture I just about flipped !!! He tells me he only rode a few minutes in that UNSAFE getup.... long enough for his brother to take his picture for some goofy photo contest for a riding magazine, or so they tell me .... my indigestion and migraine overfloweth.....)

Anyhow, like I said, the dinner Evan made all by himself was AMAZING !!! and the thought behind it ..... melts my heart !!! (but don't tell him I said that .... can't have his mom messing with his tough dirtbike dude image!!!)

Be back soon ! ( I guess when I'm "that age" ..... in a few short hours .... UGH!!)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)


rachel griffith said...

how sweet!!!
that's the coolest thing.
i can't wait until my kiddies are big enough to do that kind of stuff.

and seriously...olive farden shows ALL that??? that's crazy, but SO in a good way.


Jeannie said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day and that Miss Kitty takes you out and treats you like a queen. "That age" isn't too bad once you get used to it. Kind of like new jeans, becomes more comfy as you go along. Cheers.

jerseygirl said...

Can't wait until you join me, it has been tough hanging in the 50 lane without you. after all we have shared most of our life's memories together. I have been patiently waiting until we can sing nifty nifty we are 50! Have a Rainbow day my friend. Love you so much.