Monday, January 2, 2017

One Monthly Goal !!!!

Look what I just came across on Facebook !!!  Elm Street Quilts  is trying to give slackers like me some incentive to get our acts together now that we are starting a brand new year .  You link up your goal this month, then post  your completed goal the next - and it doesn't have to be an entire gigantic undertaking - if your goal is to applique 2 flowers on 1 block that's your goal !!! ( or in my case dig out the sewing machine from under the pile of UFO's - my current goal - ugh!) .   So ..... my new mantra is to spend 10   - 20 minutes a day  - just a little snippet of time - working on something - anything sewing or quilting related .   I have to do this for myself ( work schedule has been just too much and totally soul sucking  - - working in health care is not good for your health !!) .  AND, I have to do it to declutter !!!!  We may be downsizing soon and all my stuff will not fit ( uh oh......).  So, anyway , if you need some incentive and a UFO Support Group ..... zip on over to Elm Street Quilts blog page and sign up !!!  ( Oh and there are PRIZES and designers ..... and did I mention PRIZES !!!)

Be back soon!
Mary Anne ( aka Mare)

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