Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lazy Days of Summer ...............

 I LOVE the idea of the "lazy days of summer".  It just makes me think of Aunt Bee sitting on the front porch with a glass of lemonade and doing some hand quilting , while Opie and Andy go  down to the swimming hole for a quick dip to cool off.    I think that 's what I was thinking when I started these quilt blocks  ( awhile ago !!!!).   I thoroughly enjoyed hand stitching  the 6 Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks (many summers ago).

 I decided I needed to make the quilt bigger, so I made some Honey Bee blocks ( machine stitched ) to alternate with the Grandmother's Flower Garden blocks .   The "bees" ?? ( those leaf things) I made double sided  with another smaller green plaid "leaf" in the center of each of the bigger leaves. Then I appliqued (machine stitched through all layers) the center green plaid smaller leaves , and left the larger leaf edges un attached.  (Don't ask why ..... I don't remember !!  I guess I was trying to be fancy and three dimensional !).   I only have one of those blocks finished with the "leaves" or "bees" appliqued down ....... have to finish sewing on the "leaves" or "bees" on the rest of the Honey Bee blocks ( by machine).   Then, I think I'm going to do this as a Quilt As You Go quilt .......and get this ...... I think I feel like doing hand quilting (I'm channeling my inner Aunt Bee I guess) ........ this will probably take me 50 years to hand quilt ...... BUT at least it'll be in bite size pieces !!  (and I can pick it up and do a few stitches here and there in the middle of my paperwork marathons for the day job).

Sam and Shadow , the definition of lazy .... have found the sunny spot next to and on my quilt blocks.............(you'd think I would have pressed all the blocks first before taking their picture ..... )

Anyway...... here's my original drawing /design of this quilt .......from 2006 !!!!  ......hmmmmmm, looks like I was planning on more applique on the borders and corners .......  I'll have to see how old I am when I finally get all the blocks quilted and if I have any energy left to do all that extra stuff in the borders ....  :)

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Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Sometimes it's nice to have a long term, no pressure project. Enjoy the journey!

RobinLovesQuilting said...

I love the idea of leaving the bigger leaves loose around the edges! I once saw a doll quilt where all their aprons were that way, and I think it adds a neat sense of dimension to the finished project. Plus, the colors you chose are lovely, and I love the way the leaves accentuate the blocks! Can't wait to see the finished product, even if it does take a while :-)