Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy First Day of Spring !!!

Sooooooooo........the calendar says today is the first day of Spring ........  well, here in the lower end of the Poconos in Pa it doesn't quite feel  "Springy"  outside  yet!   That doesn't mean I can't force it to look like Spring inside with some pretend and real Spring flowers and plants.  These tulips and forsythia are fakers ................

......but these pussy willows are the real deal thanks to The Philadelphia Flower Show a couple of weeks ago.  (I just LOVE pussy willows !!! To me they just say "Spring" right out loud !)

.......and speaking of shouting "Spring" how about the new Martha Stewart magazine !!!  Isn't that bunny in the basket of flowers the ultimate in "Springy-ness" !

..... AND  the April /May issue of Mary Jane's Farm  PLUS a charm pack of her new fabric "Bee My Honey"  has me tip toeing through the no where in sight tulips !!!  I JUST LOVE MARY JANE'S FARM  magazine and her new fabric !!!!!!!!
So, Happy Happy Spring !!!  May your daffodils soon pop up and the robins fly over and poop on your car !!  (that's how I know it's really spring ...... the darn robins seem to take perfect aim at my windshield).
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Leanne Parsons said...

I agree about pussywillows and spring. I get crazy happy the first time I see them each year. Unfortunately,that's still a few weeks away here...