Saturday, January 11, 2014

Bitten by the Downton Abbey bug !!!!

So do you watch Downton Abbey?  I made it through 3 seasons of not watching it ......I didn't want to get involved with something I knew I'd be totally addicted to and nuts if I missed it .  However, thanks to my sister and nieces who are devoted fans,  I have been (happily)  persuaded to spend this gloomy month of January in the lovely make believe world of GORGEOUS clothes !!!!  (and I'm sure this obsession will extend beyond January for me !).

  Once upon a time, when I was a young single gal in 1983 , I temporarily quit my job as a physical therapist to follow my whim to work at the  Laura Ashley Store on Walnut Street in Philadelphia.  This was when Laura Ashley fashions were very much like what Downton Abby costumes look like today.  I had a few blissful months of wearing Laura Ashley clothes (had to when you worked there) ,  helping decorate the store window for Christmas,  and  measuring and cutting Laura Ashley fabric in the home decorating section of the store (my department since I was the one with sewing experience).  However, after about 3 months working there, I realized I had to go back to work as a physical therapist in order to pay bills and save enough $ to move to California (chasing after my then boyfriend, now husband ).   After I got to southern California ,   my love for historic style Laura Ashley clothing didn't fade ( and I couldn't wear that kind of stuff as a physical therapist .... nope, khaki pants, polo shirts, and sneakers is pretty much the work uniform) .   At one point, I even thought of taking classes in historic costume design and construction .... thought it would be fun to work in the costume dept of a movie (what the heck .... might as well while I was in California ! ...... I was so young and naive !!).   Well,  I never actually got around to that ..... reality and life of course marched on........ Anyway,  the latest issue of  Victoria magazine has an article about the costumers of Downton Abbey with lots of pictures of the BEAUTIFUL clothes !!    Also,   if you want to see some of these gorgeous costumes  in person,  I found out that  Winterthur Museum in Delaware will have them on display with other Downton Abbey type activities starting in March and running until next January !!!   (the first picture I posted is from the Winterthur Museum site).  
 Well,  back to reality on this dreary January day ...... lots to do .... take down the Christmas tree and decorations (yes, they're all still up );  laundry;  a stack of notes to get into my work laptop; bathrooms to clean ;  help kid #2 get organized to head back to PSU  tomorrow ;  stacks of unfinished Christmas projects to sew (or shove on a shelf until next Christmas !)  ....... at least I have my fantasy world of Downton Abbey to look forward to on Sunday night !

Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Tipper said...

I've been wanting to watch it but never have-now I really want too after reading your post : )