Monday, November 25, 2013

Sharing......... (pass it on !)

Community Giving     Thanksgiving is just a few days away.   Both of my boys are home (one is home from college and the older one is home from his new job many states away from us).  I am happy and thankful to have my boys home !!!  I am happy and thankful to be having Thanksgiving dinner at our house this year with family and friends ...... happy and thankful that we have a nice home in a wonderful small town ...... happy and thankful that my younger son is a very talented and creative chef who is more than willing to swap  my boxes of  instant stuffing,  jars of  gravy, and cranberry sauce shaped like a can  for the real home made stuff !!! (all my instant stuff will go into the local food bank).
Natural disasters and any type of hardships or illnesses affecting people and families are difficult no matter when it happens,  but I would imagine that it's even more difficult during the holiday season .   Faith over on her blog Fresh Lemons Quilts
has a special Community Giving page listing how quilters can help various groups (including the people affected by the recent devastating tornadoes in Illinois).  So, zip on over there and see the list .... then pass it on !!!!

Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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