Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Keep going ...... another UFO deadline !!!!

OK ..... so the last thing I need to do is buy more fabric BUT I JUST COULD NOT RESIST THIS STUFF !!!!  I really, really REALLY  LOVE these pretty colors and graphic prints ..... they are just my style !!!   AND best of all,  they were 40% off at JoAnn's !!!!    Anyhow,  this has nothing to do with .......

 .......the next  UFO that's on the ping pong table getting basted ( the recipient is my younger drummer, dirt bike riding, dredlock wearing chef son ...... those are his drums ....... the dirtbike is in the garage ...... neither  of these can he take out to PSU in a week and a half ...... so hopefully he will at least have a finished quilt!)

This quilt was started for him 2 years ago when he graduated from high school.  He has since finished 2 years of college at a local Penn State branch campus but now has to move out to University Park (PSU main campus) for his last 2 years .  That's his dirt bike number "595"  and that black and white circle (one of 6 on the quilt) is his art work  "Zentangle".   The colors were also picked by him  ...... so this quilt was designed for him and by him !  This quilt IS him !!!!

OK ...... tick tock !!!!  Penn State move - in day is coming up FAST !!!

Be back soon !!!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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