Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Time to deck the halls

Well here at MBIAJ Headquarters it's time to (finally) take down that fading, droopy fall wreath and put up the Christmas wreath ...... oh, and we need to get the rotting pumpkin off of the porch and throw it out in the woods for the bears, deer, and squirrels.   (See previous post for proof).  Yes, true to form,  I am the last one in the neighborhood to get rid of fall , and put some kind of Christmas decorations up!  (our neighbors across the street and next door are all BEAUTIFULLY decorated since the day after Thanksgiving ..... we have been basking in the glow of their lights and are now feeling the guilt of being the bah humbug house ....... or, more acurately, the disorganized house !) .   And, unfortunately,  we will probably continue to be the disorganized house for awhile as my day job just got ALOT more complicated with the promise for not 2 seconds to think about, let alone enjoy decorating, sewing, or shopping for Christmas (as a matter of fact I am now screwed because instead of finishing my work on my laptop .....not my fault the dang thing froze up ..... I am piddling around here writing this blog post ...... MUCH more fun I might add ! )  Anyhow,  enjoy all of your holiday preparations !  I'll be back when I get a breather ...... hopefully with something quilting or sewing or crafting related !
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)
Be back soon !

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