Friday, November 9, 2012

A quilter is born !!!!

I am THRILLED to announce the birth of a quilter !!!!! 

My niece Stephie ...... TA DA !!!!!   It was my pleasure to spend a fun evening teaching Steph the basics of sewing, piecing and quilting .  With the assistance of Betty, my Featherweight sewing machine, Steph made a "Mug and Muffin Rug"  (i.e it's bigger than a "Mug Rug" but too small to be a placemat).  Anyhow,  Steph did a GREAT job !!!! Took to it like a duck to water !!!  This girl has a bright sewing future ahead !!!!    (Maybe I'll let her finish that graduation quilt I started for her a loooooooong time ago ..... we're talking high school graduation ..... Steph not only graduated from high school, she also  went and graduated from college with a BSRN while I was procrastinating and piddling around not finishing her quilt ........ oh well !)
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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