Monday, October 24, 2011

Evan's Birthday ! and a "Small Blog Meet"

He's 19 !!! My BABY BOY is 19 !!!!

Today is Evan's 19th birthday and it has me wondering where in the world those 19 years went !!! .... really, WHERE DID THEY GO ?!?!?!?!!! Last I checked I was still 29 !

......and, NO , Evan's graduation quilt was NOT finished by today (making it his graduation/ birthday quilt) as was planned with high hopes by the MBIAJ Sewing and Quilting Dept. (Here it is hanging in sections, kind of crooked, on our cheapo design wall). At least his dirtbike racing # "595" is appliqued on. Next on the agenda is to applique some of Evan's original doodles which he did with fabric markers on white fabric instead of his political science notebook. And, even though Evan has been covering his school notebooks and book covers with his doodles for the past few years, I recently found out somebody has put a name to this type of doodling (and has made a business out of it!) .... it's called Zentangle !!! "Yoga for the Mind" .... who knew ?!?!?!?!!! We just thought Evan was completely and totally BORED with high school (well he was) .... who would have thought his doodle style actually has a specific name ?!? So, anyhow, next post I'll show you his "Zentangle" fabric circles that I plan to applique onto this already Wild and Crazy Quilt ! (right now I have to go clean up birthday dinner dishes and cake crumbs off of the floor .... oh wait .... nope .... cake crumbs have already been taken care of by one of the kitties).

Oh, before I go, just want to tell you all I'm linking up with

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Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Lesley said...

Mary Anne, I found you through the Small Blog Meet. I just linked up!The birthday cake looks great, and good luck with the graduation quilt. My son went off to university and I presented him with his graduation quilt when he entered his second year! He was Ok with it!

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday to your baby boy!!! The quilt is coming along very nicely!!!