Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring is springing .... (an ode to dandelions ....)

Well happy spring (FINALY) Blogland Neighborhood ! A slight and unexpected lull in the day job schedule today allowed me some time to go outside and "smell the roses" .... well, not exactly (our roses are far from blooming and in need of some TLC and probably a bit of CPR) .... BUT, violets we've got !!! and, since they're not growing in their designated area (i.e. the flowerbed) but have decided to grow all over the yard, I thought it best to pick them before the lawn mowing dept steps all over them and mows them down in their pretty little tracks !

.....and THESE !!!! We've also got LOADS of these !!! In fact, if it weren't for dandelions (aka known as pista beds around here ) we wouldn't have much of a lawn at all !!!

...and really, I think dandelions get a bad rap ... how can you deny the cheeriness of that happy, sunny yellow flower???

......aaaahhhhhhh lovely spring violets in my favorite little vase my mother gave me !

....and here are those pista beds elevated to a new level of elegance in a wine glass vase ...maybe they'll turn that water into dandelion wine !!!

Hope spring is springing where you are and you're able to sneak outside for a few minutes to "smell the roses" or pick a few weeds !
Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Busy Little Quilter said...

I think dandelions are cheerful, too. I get these little daisy weeds that look so pretty. A lot of flowers started out as weeds. In fact, the state flower of KY is a weed (golden rod).

I'm glad you got some time away from your paperwork!