Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Color oh Color ..... where fore art thou Color ?????

Good winter morning Blogland Neighborhood. Sitting at the window seat having some nice hot oatmeal this morning looking out at a chilly backyard (looks like it was a rough morning at the birdfeeder .... the wind must have blown the birdfeeder sideways and dumped the birdseed on the ground ... now the birdies are digging around for it .... we'll have to have the MBIAJ Grounds Keeper fix that today ...). Anyway, blustery January mornings like this have us craving some COLOR !!!!

We found lots in the new Feb issue of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine and also ....

.....these SNEAKERS !!!! Aren't they spiffy !!!!!!! Those would be just the thing to dance around the kitchen in to chase away the January blahs !!!!!! And speaking of "I LOVE IT " color .... LOOK at ....

....THIS !!!! This is a box that was filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies from "Harry and David" ... the goodies were delish, but even better is THE BOX !!!!

.....OMG !!! The MBIAJ Drawing and Sewing Depts are in LOVE with the colors and cute drawings !!! They are wishing it was fabric instead of a box !!! They would totally buy many yards to play with !!!!!

Well, enough day dreaming about spring time colors ... time to put our snowsuits on and trudge out to the car to work ....

Be back soon! (P.S the MBIAJ Time Management Dept is working on a new strategy to try out this year .... they'll be back to tell you about it .... as soon as they iron out the kinks .... and as soon as they have time !)

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Cheryl said...

Love that wintery scene out your window...brrrrrr but so pretty! Gotta have those sneakers, love them!