Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew - In

Good morning and happy Friday Blogland Neighborhood ! Well,after all the hoopla and excitement from last week's "One World One Heart" Blogland Extravaganza, we have been kicking back and relaxing a little here at MBIAJ Headquarters .....

...Kitty has been sitting by the fireplace with a cozy quilt and browsing through some new magazines .....

.....and catching up on some reading ....(she just LOVES this book she says!)

Kitty also has been spending time doing one of her other favorite things .... catching up on her blog reading ......... this one for example by Heidi

WAIT !! WHAT'S THIS ?!?!?!! A FRIDAY NIGHT SEW-IN !!! Do some sewing or anything (but NOT laundry!) on Friday night (as in TONIGHT) then on Saturday do another blog post about what you worked on and THEN on Sunday there will be a give away over there on Handmade by Heidi's blog !!! ......uh oh ..... Kitty's got smoke coming out of her ears .... she's thinking ... we can tell !!! HOLD ON !!! LOOK OUT !!! She's about to say something .....

....."Fire up the sewing machines ..... we're doin some sewing tonight !!!......Where's my whistle? How do you expect me to get this Sew-In started and KEEP IT ON TRACK without my whistle ?!?!?!"

....and there she goes rummaging through the kitchen junk drawer looking for that stupid whistle .... oh, I guess she found it ....

.....OK, while Kitty is towing her whistle out of the junk drawer, I guess the Sewing Dept better figure out what project they will be working on tonight (that is after all other depts have gotten the rest of the day somewhat in order ...)

OK .... so check back later (MUCH LATER) tomorrow to see what the Sewing Dept has accomplished .... or kind of accomplished .... or planned to accomplish .....

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Tristan Robin said...


how do you sew if you're blogging?

just a logistics issue I don't quite grasp