Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AHEM !!! CLEAN THIS UP !!!!!!!

Good morning Blogland Neighborhood !!! Well, Kitty is in a snit ..... seems this morning while making her rounds and inspecting all departments she got stuck in the hub cap deep pine needles under the dying/dead Christmas tree in the living room and DEMANDED an explanation!!!

......she called for the MBIAJ Christmas Clean Up Dept to come front and center and EXPLAIN themselves !!!

...."well, we decided to give ourselves the MONTH of January to "de-Christmas" the house and try and get our New Year act together ." ....and with that explanation, they referenced Miss Joanna over at Fresh Figs who says it's OK to take the whole month of January!!! (only the MBIAJ Christmas Clean Up Dept feel they may need an extention into Febuary or March .....)

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Pat said...

I like that idea to take the whole month of January to DE-Christmas the house!!!

Tipper said...

Oh Miss Kitty : ) why is it never as fun to take it down as it was to put it all up?

Jan said...

LOL! IMHO, Miss Kitty needs to get her fanny in gear and de-Christmas her self! Awwwwww, if only she could ... now wouldn't that be glorious! Love the pic of Evan below ... he made me LOL! How wonderful that you've got your own in-house baker! Dangerous, yet wonderful :)

Tristan Robin said...

thank you so much - now I remember why I went to wire tree-shaped ornament displays. I remember getting pine needles in my feet in July.

Never again.

Deb Legg said...

Tell Miss Kitty you're going for the Charlie Brown look!