Friday, October 24, 2008

Mr. Sweet (and sour) 16 !!!! (and some other exciting stuff)

Happy Friday evening Blogland Neighborhood! Well,today is my baby boy's 16th birthday!!! Yep..... 16 years ago today my now 6 ft tall baby boy , Evan, made his appearance (all I can say is thank goodness he wasn't 6 ft tall on this day 16 years ago .... OUCH!!)

He has always been a very sweet kid .... and still is a (mostly) sweet (although occasionally sour ..... you know, that moody teenage thing) kid! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVAN!!! (and stop growing up SO FAST!!! it's aging me, your poor mother, at a depressing rate of speed!)

Let's see, we've had some other exciting things going on this week here at Moonbeams headquarters .... First of all, I won a give away that Pat Sloan had on her blog a few days ago!!!

.....and, here are the goodies I won!!! Pat's "Be Thankful" quilt pattern, her "Tweet Street" pattern, and some bits of pretty fabrics!!! THANKS PAT!!! (and speaking of give aways, you still have until tomorrow, Saturday the 25th to sign up for my Halloween Give Away!)

....Another exciting thing that came to my attention (and I apologize because,as usual, I'm a little late getting to this "party" .... takes me awhile to "get with the program"!) .... anyhow, it has come to my attention that one of our neighbors here in Blogland has , after much hard work and apprehension, launched her own online quilt pattern business!!! So, head on over to Nannie's Quilt Patch and pay her a visit! Yay Nan!!! Good for you!!!

....OK, and for the last of our exciting news here at Moonbeams Headquarters (and I'm almost afraid to mention this for fear it'll jinx it .... well, maybe if I just whisper it ....) of my quilt designs was picked by Quiltmaker Magazine to be published in their Oct/Nov 2009 issue !!!! (OK, so that was a loud whisper!) I've entered pretty many quilt designs in their ongoing quilt design contest and have become very familiar with the rejection letter ..... so, believe me when I say this was a totally unexpected surprise!!!

....OK, so keep your fingers crossed that they don't change their minds or decide to stop publishing the magazine in the meantime!!!!

Well, time to go stare at the TV since that's about all I can manage on a Friday evening (while I pace the floor waiting for Matt and his girlfriend and other friends to get home from a haunted house thing they insisted on driving about 2 hours to get to .... there was a perfectly good one about an hour's drive away, but oh no, that one isn't scary enough .....hmmmmm..... I mean for Pete sake, they can go 5 minutes away and sit in room 210 or 310 at the hotel (i.e Mr. Moonbeams place of business ,The Inn at Jim Thorpe) because there are all sorts of ghost stories that come out of there !

Anyhow, don't forget, if you didn't sign up for my Halloween Give Away, you still can do it until tomorrow afternoon (that's Saturday Oct. 25th until 3:30 PM EST....but don't sign up on this post go back to that post and sign up.... otherwise the Give Away Dept here at Moonbeams Headquarters gets all confused.....)

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Anonymous said...

Good-looking birthday boy there! Congrats on the 16th one!
That's exciting news that your pattern will be published. I don't subscribe to that magazine but I want to remember to buy the issue with your pattern so when the time comes DO POST about it to remind us, please! I'm going to whisper a congrats to you for that!
And also for winning the drawing. Wow, lots going on at your place these days.

Dandelion Quilts said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. 16! AND, MARE...congrats on being published! That is SOOOO exciting. Keep us posted. And remind me to pick up that issue! I am so happy for you!

jerseygirl said...

Happy Birthday Bing!!! Hope you blow out all of those birthday candles and get what you wish for. Love Auntie Beth

Doe said...

Happy 16th birthday to you, Evan!

OMG, congrats, congrats, congrats on being published. I wish you many, many more to come!

Mona said...

Happy belated 16th Birthday wishes to your son!

Congrats on your letter of acceptance!

Trick or Treat! I hope Kitty draws my name out of the Moonbeam Jar!

Nan said...

Happy 16th Birthday to Evan!! Congratulations on winning a giveaway from Pat Sloan - how exciting!
AND, a HUGE CONGRATS on your quilt design being published!!!! That is just too wonderful!!! A WOO AND A HOO TO YOU!!
Thank you so much for mentioning my new venture, too - that was very nice of you, Mary Anne.

susan said...

happy birthday
happy birthday baby i blah blah blah
sixteen candles....

Queenly Things said...

Waiting for kids to get home is one of the worst parts of parenting. I'm a big worrywart so while my kids were teenagers, I lost a lot of sleep. Glad they're home and hope they had a good time (darn kids, wanting to have fun - what are they thinking?).