Thursday, July 10, 2008

A list is made to be broken !!!

OK, so I try to be organized and stick to the task at hand .... so I made out my list and went to Walmart and bought this stuff (which was all on my list). Then, as my husband points out, I should then proceed to the check out and CHECK OUT !! ... however, he does not understand the "browse and shop" method of shopping ... which takes place during or after the collecting of the stuff on your list .... he does not understand that just because you have the stuff on your list it doesn't mean you're finished "shopping" .... NO! ... "shopping" means a leisurely stroll through the store/mall just to see what they've got and if you want it.... so, here's some of what Walmart had and I wanted ....(I should have quit while I was ahead because now I have some "splainin' to do" to "Ricky Ricardo" about how much $ I spent!!)

..OK, so first I spotted the "cutest buttons on the planet " buttons .... then I located those polka dot fabrics to go with them ..... and thought... "apron and chef hat" or "tote bag!" (I don't know why guys don't like shopping more, it's so much like a sport ... or like hunting , don't ya think?). I found that green polka dot fabric and remembered I had white with green polka dot fabric at home that this would go with .... then I hunted down big and little buttons, of course to go with it all ..... and again I'm thinkin' "apron and chef hat" or tote bag .... or, of course, any of this stuff could at any moment go in a quilt.....

....and THEN, MORE cute buttons!!!! and that striped fabric (which I knew would go so well with that multi colored polka dot stuff I already had at home!) .... AND ric rac to match!!!! ..... and what would I like to make out of this "I like it so much I could just slobber all over it " fabric? .... what da ya think? ..... an apron and matching chef hat with a big fat bow on it ... OR a tote bag ..... OR a fun quilt!
......then I found these cool and breezy fabrics that I thought would make up nicely from these patterns I bought about a month ago.... OR, this fabric would also make some cool and comfy summer jammies!

......OR.... could join these other light and airy fabrics from my stash to make a sweet summer quilt! my spare time, of course .... HA!!! I don't know who I'm kidding with all of these big plans!!! I just spent all my free time SHOPPING and then PLAYING around matching all the new stuff up with stuff from my messy stash and now I don't have any time left over to actually SEW .... at least not for the next few days, anyhow..... BUT, I can keep these pretty little piles of ideas out where I can see them (and look longingly at them as I pass by doing a zillion other things I'm supposed to be doing) .... while Daisy lounges all over them .... and then, one of these days I'll reach the breaking point and I'll just say the heck with what I'm supposed to be doing, and I'll get that tape roller thing out and use it to get the cat hair off of one of those piles of fabrics, and I'll just have my way with it(the fabric, that is)!!!! (oh dear, I've worked myself up into a sweat ..... 'scuse me while I go take a cold shower ....)

Be back soon!
Mary Anne (aka Mare)


Mona said...

Oh Mare, you "bagged" yourself some exceptional finds! Hunting for bargains and gathering sweet embellishments take every bit as much skill as hunting game or fishing. ;)
{sigh} The men folk just don't understand.

The Southern Mom said...

Ohhh, I saw those buttons, too! It's a shame they're taking out most of the fabric departments.

Cathie said...

Oh, my! Those are some seriously wonderful buttons and fabrics!!

Wallyworld is very bad for my budget, cuz yanno... I have to shop, too. *grin*


Karen said...

You are my kind of shopper! The buttons and fabrics are so summery and go together perfectly! You just HAD to have them. Happy sewing!

Dandelion Quilts said...

So, you found the buttons, too! Aren't the ADORABLE! Oh yes, they are. And, you found the perfect fabrics to go with them, Mar. I am sure that RR will understand when he sees all that cuteness you sew. And if now, as I always say...feel free to do the shopping yourself!

debbie said...

Great finds! How fun!!! I must sneak off to wallyworld one day...Since they closed my Joann's. :o(
(wallyworld didn't, Joann did)

Mom IsAmagpie said...

I need to fgo to Walmart with a fabric department, the nearest one is an hour plus away. Maybe I could plan a day trip around it, yah that's it and then I can casually point out Walmart. LOL You didn't break the list, so much as ammended it, throw that in with all your 'splainin to do.

Deb Legg said...

I'm going to Wal-mart! Those buttons are great!

Too bad all but one of our local Wallies have done away with the fabric.

Vallen said...

Oh, I like the way you shop, lady and all the thinking behind it!!!