Saturday, August 11, 2018

My Poor Abandoned Blog .......

Hi everybody ....... I had all sorts of good intentions of updating my poor blog and keeping it up to date ............ so you can see how well that went (insert sigh and eye roll here )  .......... ANYHOW ...... like most people these days I am on Instagram  ...... so if you'd like to take a peek you can find me at madrury3 ( not very creative .... but it works !! )

I do have a new adventure I'm trying to get under way ....... and that is teaching kids and adults beginner quilting and sewing ....... still in the planning phases ....... but I do have an opportunity to teach beginning quilting in my home town of Tamaqua, Pa.  They have really stepped up their game and started a wonderful Community Arts Center !!!!  Now I just have to get myself organized ........
.....starting right here with some of these wonderful autumn fabrics for a beginner quilt sampler table runner !!!!  ( and I am MORE than ready for autumn !!! This hot HUMID weather we've been having here in Pa can go back to where it came from !!!! I am NOT a fan of humidity !!! UGH !!!).  

SO .... off I go to try and squeeze in some sewing in between laundry and the ever present stack of paperwork for the day job ( yes ..... its always there ..... always ..... lots and lots of paperwork ...... at least until I win the mega millions jackpot !!! ) Anyway .... come for an Instagram visit at madrury3 !

Mary Anne ( aka Mare)


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