Monday, February 6, 2012

Something old ........ (and a challenge for something new !)

How about and old chair .....

.....with an old-ish "Valentine" pillow (i.e. the disorganized MBIAJ Sewing and Quilting Dept has not yet completed any Valentine projects yet this year , so we thought we'd show you this one we made awhile ago and which has about 6 years of dust collected on it)

.....and there's an old key tied around that "love note" stuck in the pillow pocket ...

OK .... so much for the old stuff . The MBIAJ Holiday Decorating Committee has decided we need some new and fresh Valentine doo dads around here. BUT, as confessed in this post , we are usually stressed and running around in circles like a hyperventilating chicken starting one thing, then gettinig distracted and starting another thing, then getting interrupted and then getting more stressed when we can't get back to either of those things we started, or the other 5 things we started awhile ago .....aaaaaaack I give myself a headache !!! ...... (sigh). So, earlier today while procrastinating and blog surfing (for just a few minutes ..... which turned into about an HOUR and a HALF at least without even trying ...... ugh!) I did come upon something that sounds like a good idea .... something for those of us who need help focusing !!!!

Amy's Creative Side

The One Thing - One Week Challenge hosted by Amy of Amy's Creative Side. Yep ..... we here at MBIAJ Headquarters are determined to take a deep breath and FOCUS on JUST ONE THING this week ..... something simple .... something small .... something for Valentine's Day so the Holiday Decorating Committee will BACK OFF !!!!!

OK .... better go put blinders on and head for lock down .

Be back soon !
Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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