Monday, December 14, 2009

Tick tock ......

Good Monday morning Blogland Neighbor-hood! Kitty dropped by to remind us that the clock is ticking faster and faster towards Christmas (like we really needed a reminder !) Anyhow , Miss Kitty was out blog hopping and stumbled upon the Homespun Holiday Show-n-Tell over at
Piece n Quilt, Kitty has decided that the MBIAJ Sewing Dept should get their act together and participate in the Show n Tell ..... and she has also decided that the Sewing Dept needs a new boss and she's the gal for the job ..... she has made out a list of Christmas sewing projects that she wants completed ASAP ..... she plans to run a tight ship ..... LOOK at that list she made out !!!! She must be KIDDING !!!! YIKES !!!!! (at least she's providing some hot chocolate with marshmallows .....huh? .....oh.....she says that's for her ..... being the boss is a tough job and she needs the nourishment ....)

Anyhow .... if you want to join in, it starts on Dec 16th and runs through Dec. 23rd.

(by the way friends and family, you can click on that picture to make it bigger to see if your name is on that list ...... and just keep in mind that unless the elves show up it'll be "the thought that counts" !)
......OK , gotta zoom !!!! (Kitty is blowing a whistle and yelling "TICK TOCK")

Be back soon !

Mary Anne (aka Mare)

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Mona said...

Ya gotta love Miss Kitty, AND the quilt block!